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The Blog Has Started!

This is Ed Mackey. I am the Founder/Commissioner of Fallen Heroes Foundation. Tonight is the 1st entry of the Fallen Heroes Foundation blog. I’ll admit I am website/social media challenged……so please bear me!

Over the next several days and months, I will post items of interest for everyone. My first real entry will be why I started this cause, where are we currently, and what my vision is. I’ll be sharing stories of how my wife Christine, daughter Sarah and myself are doing. 

The fact that you are visiting my site and reading this……I’m so grateful to you! You will make the difference to the families we are going to help. So thank you to all of you.

Stay tuned for next entry: It will focus on what happened to us, why I started the foundation.and how we’re doing! Enjoy the site and please support our cause!

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