Fallen Heroes Foundation

Jared Lloyd: Spring Valley Fire Department

On Tuesday morning, Firefighters responded to a multi-alarm fire at a senior care facility in Spring Valley, New York. Columbian Engine Co. 1 of the Spring Valley Fire Department was one of the first to arrive on scene. 150 firefighters from 4 different counties worked together to battle the inferno. The fire spread incredibly fast as they maneuvered through the building, rescuing the residents that were still trapped inside. 35-year old Firefighter Jared Lloyd was searching the 3rd floor through blackout conditions and intense heat, determined to reach anyone who was unable to make it out. By all accounts, Jared was credited with saving numerous lives by his actions. That was when his frantic mayday call for help went out over the air. His fellow firefighters did their very best to locate and extricate Jared but the wall of smoke and flames prevented them from reaching his position. Not long after, the building suffered a catastrophic collapse. After 18 hours of non-stop searching through the smoldering debris for their missing brother, Jared’s remains were eventually recovered. Firefighter Jared Lloyd was a 16-year veteran of the Columbian Engine Company and was a dedicated father of two young sons, one of whom turned 6 the day after this tragic incident. Had it not been for the bravery and heroism of Jared and the rest of firefighters on scene, the loss of life would’ve been unimaginable.