Fallen Heroes Foundation



Fallen Heroes Foundation was created in response to the work of some incredible volunteer firefighters.
Here is the story of how we got started, what we do now, and our vision for the future.

Crash Scene

How We Started: One Fateful Night

On August 6th, 2017, our founder Ed Mackey Jr. was involved in a terrible accident with a dump truck that had gotten its bed stuck under a bridge (pictured left). Ed was left in serious condition having sustained life-threatening injuries including many broken bones, a brain hemorrhage, and internal injuries.

The only reason Ed survived that night was because of the fast response of the Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department. Their immediate treatments kept him and his family alive until they could reach the ICU at the local hospital. When they found out that Ed was also a volunteer firefighter, they made the extra effort to visit him and his family in the hospital to provide hope in that difficult season. Back home, Milton Fire Department where Ed volunteered agreed to pay his rent for five months while he recovered. The sacrifices of these volunteer firefighters kept the Mackey family afloat when Ed could not provide.

After experiencing this incredible generosity, Ed knew he had to do something to give back…

What We Do: Hope for Families

Fast forward to today!

Fallen Heroes Foundation exists to share hope with the families of volunteer firefighters killed in the line of duty. Why volunteer firefighters specifically? Because they often do not have the same death benefits as career firefighters. We want the families of these fallen heroes to experience the same love and support as the Mackey family felt in their time of need.

Practically, this means that we offer two main things: support and financial relief. Whenever these families have to face the loss of a loved one, we travel to them to offer immediate support and hope in the middle of the crisis. We also offer financial relief in the form of paying their mortgage and other necessary expenses during the months after the loss.

Our Vision: A Brighter Future

We believe that the best is yet to come!

Our vision is to expand our reach so that every family suffering the loss due to a firefighting line of duty death will be cared for and supported. We want to rally behind these families so they know they are not forgotten in their time of need.

We also want to build awareness and bring education about firefighting in America. Local fire departments provide many vital services for their communities. We offer seminars where we show what is accomplished by fire departments and how communities can support theirs. If you are interested in more information about our seminars, please contact us here.

All this is made possible by the donations of generous people like you. Please consider donating today so that we can continue our work supporting the fire departments all around the country.

Why Choose Us?

We know there are many charities you could support. 
Here’s why ours stands out.



Because our support is targeted to such a specific audience, we can supply exactly what they need.



Our work has tangible results in the recipients’ mental health, finances, and relationships.



Your donation goes entirely towards supporting families of these fallen heroes.



Your gift enables us to do what we do best: restore hope for these grieving families.

Our 2022 Goals